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Fitel S199 fusion splicer

fitel s199 fusion splicer

Fitel S199 fusion splicer can be used for up to 12 fiber ribbon optical fibers, it is fast and easy to use equipment, and the Fitel S199 fiber optic fusion splicer suit for different working environement.

The S199M12 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer is specifically designed for splicing ribbon 1 to 12 fibers with a single machine. Splices are accomplished in 30 seconds and yield a typical loss of 0.04dB for single mode ribbon. Various failsafe features give the operator control of the splicing process, preventing costly mistakes and the necessity for re-burns. Used together with FITEL's S323A Precision Cleaver and S218 Thermal Stripper, the S199M12 will give you the ribbon splicing solution you need.

Fitel S199 fusion splicer Features
Splice 1-12 fibers
Red-screen alarms
30-second splice
Small compact size with insertable battery
Average splice loss of .04dB for single mode fiber.

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